Applied Microphone Technology - designed and manufactured in the USA.
AMT Ta6W (Soprano + Tn/Alto/Bari Dual Purpose Microphone)

AMT Ta6W (Soprano + Tn/Alto/Bari Dual Purpose Microphone)

AMT TA6W Double Microphone for Soprano & Bari Saxophone - Microphone with cable only. For wireless use with AMT Quantum 7 and Wi5IIC or Shure, Sabine, Line 6, and Sennheiser Wireless Transmitters with cable.  (Must choose cable when ordering.)

AVAILABLE MODELS: (Ta6W-Shure, Ta6W-Sennheiser)

The Ta6W comes complete with microphone and cable for direct use with the AMT Quantum 7 & Wi5IIC wireless system OR for AMT, Shure, Line 6 and Sabine or Sennheiser. Choose for wireless system to be used.

The TA6 is a multi purpose microphone system for Soprano, Tenor, Alto, and Bari saxophones. The microphone can be used as a double microphone setup for soprano saxophone like the ta2, but can be reduced to a single microphone for tenor, alto, and bari saxophones. With an optional extension kit, the ta6 can also work with straight alto and straight tenor saxophones. The ta6 can be ordered with the various AMT preamps, (inline, bp45, and studio) and also with the current AMT belt pack-less wireless systems. It can also be used with Shure, Sennheiser, and Sabine wireless system with optional cables. Comes with the BP45 Preamp, cable, 2nd clip for additional instrument, and a case.

All versions of the TA6 now include a variety of updated features including AMT’s new D.C.T. (Disconnect Cable Technology) and the ability to connect to the Quantum 7 and Wi5IIC Wireless system. The TA6W - Sennheiser directly connects with Sennheiser wireless belt packs. Comes with case and AMT disconnecting cable technology to allow the microphone to be used with "Studio" or "Belt pack" preamps if needed.

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