Applied Microphone Technology - designed and manufactured in the USA.
AMT Ta6 Mini

AMT Ta6 Mini

Complete multi-purpose wireless microphone system for soprano, alto,tenor, and bari saxophones.
(Includes Q7 AA powered clip-on transmitter, Mini 99-channel receiver & AMT Ta6 double microphone)

The TA6 is a multi purpose microphone system for Soprano, Tenor, Alto, and Bari saxophones. The microphone can be used as a double microphone setup for soprano saxophone like the ta2, but can be reduced to a single microphone for tenor, alto, and bari saxophones like the LS. The ta6 can be ordered with the various AMT power supplies / preamps, (Inline or BP45) and also with the current AMT belt pack-less wireless systems. (Quantum 7, and Quantum 7 Mini).  It can also be used with Shure, Sennheiser, and Sabine wireless system with optional cables.

$1,229.00 $979.00