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AMT Q7-ACCRW Mini - Wireless Accordion Microphone System (Right hand only)

AMT Q7-ACCRW Mini - Wireless Accordion Microphone System (Right hand only)

The AMT Q7-ACCRW MINI includes the AMT ACCR Accordion microphone designed for the right hand of all sizes of accordions plus the new Q7 Mini wireless system.  The new Q7 Mini system includes the clip-on AA powered Q7 transmitter and the new mini receiver.  The system is designed small enough to fit in your horn case or travel bags with ease.  Setup is quick and easy with the antenna’s fixed onto the system so there’s no need to attach them, carry them separately, or be concerned with losing them.  The Mini is powered by a 9V power supply or for even quicker and more portable setups can be power by AA batteries.  The Q7 transmitter is powered by one AA battery.  Just like the Quantum 7 true diversity receiver, the Q7 Mini has 99 channels (frequency dependent) and sync’s with the Q7 transmitters via infrared.  The receiver is the perfect addition to your current 900mhz Quantum system or order the setup with microphone and transmitter complete. 863-865mhz systems are also available for Europe and the UK.

The microphone system takes into consideration many features which will be important for the player. Easy to install, the system on the right hand side of the instrument, attaches with a slim designed clamping system that holds the microphone bar on the grill of virtually any accordion and transfers from one accordion to another quickly.

The clamps are designed with the flexibility to mount in a variety of ways to accommodate many different grill lengths and designs.

The microphones are the most natural sounding systems built by hand today. The right hand side incorporates a special design which allows for plenty of gain before feedback. Consideration is taken to help with lower volume levels produced by some bassoon reeds by adjusting the system to instantly respond to lower frequencies. Since many accordions have a high SPL level when all reeds are sounding, AMT has allowed the SPL levels to be high while allowing the full and natural range of the instrument to be reproduced.

• Easy to Install. ⁃ Right hand microphone mounts to pillow blocks for easy removal after use. ⁃ Pillow blocks mount to instrument with 3M Dual Lock Velcro or optional set screws for a more permanent installation. ⁃ Move the right hand microphone (ACCR) between instruments quick and easily with included pillow block / dual lock Velcro system. • The easy install system provides complete wireless operation with no permanent holes or damage to the accordion. Use of existing holes maybe necessary. • Move the microphone system between accordions quickly. (Right Hand side) • Additional mounting hardware and left hand microphones sold separately for use on multiple accordions.

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