Applied Microphone Technology - designed and manufactured in the USA.
AMT P808W (Bell Mounting)

AMT P808W (Bell Mounting)

The AMT P808 is a bell mounted, high SPL clip-on microphone for trombone, low brass, high pressure trumpet and saxophone playing requiring a bell mount. Includes P808 microphone + cable for Shure, Sabine, Line 6, and AMT wireless systems.

The AMT P808 is a bell mounted, high SPL clip-on microphone for trumpet, trombone and saxophones producing extreme SPL levels. Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by AMT in the USA.

The system is intended to clip onto flanged bell instruments and intended for the player looking for an ‘on the bell’ mounting system. The P808 is the choice for professionals that play at high SPL levels and are looking for a bell-mounted microphone. The P808 includes all updated features like D.C.T. (Disconnect Cable Technology) with the ability to connect to the Wi5C creating a belt pack free wireless system.

***All AMT microphone require either an AMT Preamp (Inline, BP45, or Studio) or a wireless system in between the microphone and the mixer.  Do NOT connect microphone directly to mixer without a preamp or wireless transmitter.

AVAILABLE MODELS: (P808W-Shure, P808W-Sennheiser)

The P808W comes complete with microphone and cable for direct use with the AMT Wi5IIC wireless system OR for AMT, Shure, Line 6 and Sabine or Sennheiser. Choose for wireless system to be used.

The P808 in its stock configuration (P808) is the perfect choice for the player that needs a hard wired (non wireless) belt pack style setup. The setup includes the BP 45 belt pack preamp. The P808 is available in four versions. (P808, P808 Studio, P808W – Shure, P808 – Sennheiser) All of the microphones are identical and can be used wirelessly as well change between AMT’s various preamps. The decision between the various models is determined when the end user would choose between wireless, hardwired, and or require both.

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