Applied Microphone Technology - designed and manufactured in the USA.


AMT P800BMW Bell Mounted Microphone for Trumpet & Flugelhorn - Capable of high SPL levels in a bell mounted setup.

The AMT P800BM Trumpet microphone is the only system on the market specifically designed to handle the highest SPL levels that a trumpet can reproduce. The element, somewhere in size between a small and large diaphragm is hand made by AMT and larger than AMT's standard size elements. The microphone allows for even the loudest of trumpet players to use the microphone. The microphone mounts with a specially designed clamp to the lead pipe of the trumpet or flugel horn.

The AMT P800BM is an excellent choice for soft to loud music for a principal artist, ensemble setting, or a soloist. The microphone is suspended in a 4 point isolation ring reducing key and handling noise. Included with the P800BMW system is the P800BM microphone, leather carry pouch, and a cable to connect with the respective wireless system.

AVAILABLE MODELS: (P800BMW-Shure, P800BMW-Sennheiser)

The P800BMW comes complete with microphone and cable for direct use with the AMT Quantum 7 and Wi5IIC wireless systems and a cable setup for Shure, Line 6, Sabine or Sennheiser.

Choose for wireless system to be used.

AMT - TA4 Cable = AMT Preamps, Shure, Sabine, & Line 6

AMT - 3.4mm Cable = Sennheiser

$679.00 $544.00