Applied Microphone Technology - designed and manufactured in the USA.
AMT M51 Bass Drum Microphone

AMT M51 Bass Drum Microphone

AMT M51 Bass drum microphone system. Include microphone, preamp, cable and case.

The AMT M51 is Applied Microphone Technology’s bass drum microphone system. Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by AMT in the USA. The system is intended to set inside the bass drum to produce the most accurate and natural sound possible from a bass drum microphone while providing the bottom end that many bass drum specific microphones are missing. Its size makes it extremely easy to position in many different bass drum configurations.

Applied Microphone Technology designs microphone specific for each instrument and does not adapt one microphone for many instruments. The M51 has been designed for bass drum but works equally well in other applications such as boundary layer micing (conference, stage). The M51 is a bold new direction for microphones incorporating integrated circuit technology, an interchangeable chip that allows for multi-purpose use, and emulates many popular microphones with the advantages of its ultra compact size.

The M51 is capable of picking up subtle passages as well as sound pressure levels up to 151dB at studio quality levels. Very high sound pressure level handling in conjunction with a condenser clear, low distortion signal makes up the M51’s characteristics.

With a cardioid pattern with high gain before feedback it also rejects unwanted high frequencies and external noise. Its rugged construction of anodized aviation aluminum allows it to withstand high impact while being lightweight and non-corrosive. The M51 is terminated to the AP40 Studio Preamp with an XLR connector and includes a cast aluminum pre-amp which is powered by phantom power or a 9 volt battery. Comes complete with microphone, AP40 preamp, cable, and case.

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