Applied Microphone Technology - designed and manufactured in the USA.
AMT BCS (Bass Clarinet System)

AMT BCS (Bass Clarinet System)

The AMT BCS (Bass Clarinet System) includes 2 LS microphone's, 2 inline preamps, and the AMT bass clarinet clamp.

Phantom power required.

Microphone's can be connected directly to Shure, Sabine, and Line 6 wireless systems.

For complete wireless (no beltpacks), connect two Wi5IIC wireless systems to the BCS Microphones.

The AMT BCS (Bass Clarinet System) is a complete two microphone package for bass clarinet.

The systems includes 2 AMT LS microphone, 2 inline preamp (phantom power required), and the bass clarinet clamp. The clamp is intended to fit onto most major brand bass clarinets with a specially clamp to fit onto the instrument and hold upto three microphones. Two LS microphones are included with the system to provide coverage of the entire instrument. A third LS microphone can be purchased separately.

The microphones are power via phantom power with the included inline preamps. A small mini mixer is recommended in order to balance the two microphones.

The LS microphones are able to connect to the AMT Wi5IIC beltpack free wireless system, Shure, Sabine, or Line 6 to convert the system to wireless. Each microphone requires it’s own wireless system. Connections to Sennheiser wireless can be achieved with an optional cable.

$1,259.00 $999.00