Applied Microphone Technology - designed and manufactured in the USA.
AMT BAS (Bassoon Microphone System)

AMT BAS (Bassoon Microphone System)

BAS – Double microphone system for Bassoon.

Includes 2 LS microphones, 2 straps and 2 clamps, 2 inline pre amps (phantom power required), cables, and case.

The AMT BAS Microphone System is a complete double microphone system for Bassoon. Similar in design to the WS Clarinet, TA2 Soprano, and BAC Bass Clarinet systems, the BAS is a complete setup which includes clamping, microphones, pre amps, cables, and everything needed to connect and amplify a bassoon.  The BAS system includes TWO LS microphone which are the top of the line for woodwind instruments recreating the most natural sound possible.  The clamp is designed to strap to both the top and bottom of the instrument to reproduce the full range of the instrument.

For a complete wireless setup free of any cables and / or belt packs see the AMT BAS-5C.

The WI5IIC wireless system includes TWO 5C transmitters, one for each microphone.  The ZRIII dual receiver accepts signal from both transmitters which allows the complete system to operate with one receiver. Non obtrusive clamps are provided to mount the microphones onto the bassoon.

The new AMT BAS-W Bassoon system comes complete with two 5C transmitters (clip-on), the ZRIII Dual Receiver (Wi5IIC), clamping straps, and a case. Available in two frequency bands the system can be ordered in the 902-928mhz range or 863-865mhz range for Europe. Very simple to setup, the 5C can be attached to the microphones which are clamped onto the bassoon.
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