Applied Microphone Technology - designed and manufactured in the USA.
AMT ACCX-W (Single mic wireless setup for smaller sized accordions.)

AMT ACCX-W (Single mic wireless setup for smaller sized accordions.)

The AMT ACCX-W is a complete single microphone system with wireless for accordion. Similar in design to the wired version (ACCX), the ACCX-W system features a one microphone setup with an external bracket that mounts via Velcro and double sided tape to the front or side of any size / type of accordion. The bracket then can be removed if not needed.

The ACCX-W is the perfect accordion setup for the accordion player looking for a high quality wireless external clip on microphone that can withstand the high sound pressure level of a musette tuned accordion.  It can also handle high SPL levels from bellow shaking as well as pick up the most sensitive levels of a single reed soloist.

The new ACCX-W systems come complete with a belt pack style transmitter (5B), the ZRIII Dual Receiver, and a cable. Available in the 902-928mhz. Very simple to setup, the 5B transmitter can be attached to the accordion in a variety of ways. The transmitter can attach to the grill with Velcro or with the clip on the back of the transmitter.

The 5B transmitters are one of the smallest manufactured today; they include a volume control, power on/off, and a mute button. The ZRIII / 5B systems are a 99 channel dual receiver system which allows use of two transmitters at the same time. This means that you could use two transmitters on two separate accordions with the same (single) receiver. The ZRIII receiver includes two separate outputs, one for each transmitter / accordion. (Optional 2nd transmitter and microphone sold separately.)

**Concertina & Bandoneon – Two mic’s / transmitters can be combined to accommodate.

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