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AMT 5B Wireless Transmitter

AMT 5B Wireless Transmitter

The 5B belt pack transmitter is the answer for any player looking for a multi channel belt pack wireless system. It includes all the same features as the 5C transmitter however clips to the belt instead of the microphone. The 5B also includes a volume control as well as the standard Wi5II mute button. The 5B will connect to all current AMT Microphone’s with disconnects. (DCT)

The AMT 5B Beltpack Transmitter works with the ZRIII Dual Receiver. The 5B can be used in conjunction with any Wi5II wireless system. The 5B transmitter is for the player that it looking to have a volume control near them at all times. The 5B transmitter can clip to a belt, music stand, or due to it's ultra small size can fit in a pocket.

The 5B transmitter is powered by one AA battery and has about 7-8 hrs or continuous power. The 5B can be ordered with the ZRIII receiver also. Please see the WI5IIB for the complete system.

The 5B is sold here as an accessory item to mate with the ZRIII receivers

$249.00 $192.00